Dear Ethel,

It has come to my attention through previous communication that the legal entity that employs you, Facebook, Inc., desires for me to stop using the domain I currently own, This domain originally contained an artwork that allowed a visitor to log in with his/her Facebook credentials and view his/her photos and “likes,” presented as a flickering field of fast-changing images.

As you have described, Facebook’s request is a matter of maintaining a certain public perception of its identity, which it is attempting to maintain through rigorous control of external factors, otherwise known as branding. While the legal merits of your trademark claim can and have been debated, there still remains the fundamental desire on the part of your employer to be recognized within the greater mediasphere according to its own logic.

As a fellow entity within the sphere of media relationships, I can understand and empathize with your employer’s position. I too experience a keen sense of angst when it comes to knowing and, at times, controlling the way others perceive me. My personal microbrand matters to me. It is this realization that prompted me to consider the following plan of action.

I, Dmitry “Dima” Strakovsky, am giving a GIFT of ownership of the domain to Facebook corporation. The domain is unlocked and can be transferred using the following EPP code: REDACTED.

Facebook is an entity that has the unenviable responsibility to satisfy and control billions of individual desires through a host of services, both monetized and otherwise. An immense part of the public communications sector is impacted by its every decision. This must be a lonely and difficult task. I hope to bring a moment of happiness and respite to your employer, and it is my sincerest hope that Facebook, Inc., will enjoy this GIFT.


Dmitry “Dima” Strakovsky